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March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box
March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box

March's Worm Moon - Lunar Box

$50.00 USD $65.00 USD

This is the second of our lunar boxes, the March Worm Moon! This month's full moon comes to us on the 21st of the month, only about four hours from the March Equinox, and is also called the Crow Moon, Sap Moon, or Lenten Moon -- often signifying the start of Spring, where earthworms begin to emerge again.

This moon is also the third and last supermoon of the astrological winter, and will be casting Earth into Pisces territory. During this full moon, it's common to feel strong senses of balance and the need for stability. If you notice yourself wanting to keep peace more strongly during this period, remind yourself that it's not always for the best to avoid rocking the boat! However, for many, this will be a great period for grounding, planning, and focusing towards betterment -- both mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

This box is filled with objects and gifts to help guide your intention setting for the next lunar cycle, as setting those personal intentions can help ground and focus the energy to prepare oneself for the month to come. In this Pisces supermoon, we are at one of our best times to lock our 30-day-goals in stone and look onward towards the future. Often times, internal goal setting can get us carried away, making lofty visions and goals that are hard to keep. By taking time out of your day during the full moon, it becomes easier to take your personal growth challenges and turn them into small, bite-sized chunks.

The boxes are shipped in our sleek black folding mailers and will arrive prior to the March Full Moon!

Included in this box are as follows:

  • Sunrise Soap Bar: a tan oatmeal bar scented in sweet oatmilk and honey blossoms. Great for moisture, as this bar contains ground oat flour.
  • Labradorite Crystals: depending on size, this box will come with three to four raw labradorite crystals. Allergen warning: these beautiful stones are polished with macadamia nut oil to bring out their brilliance. These stones are brought to us by Gianna, the owner of Raven Beads!
  • Embroidered black washcloth: Embroidered with our cute heron logo by Sun & Co.'s super sweet owner, Sarah!
  • Fresh Loam Soy Candle: a light green soy candle with strong notes of fresh cut grass, white tea, bergamot, green tea, and a hint of banana peel.
  • Clover Woods Soy Candle: a medium brown soy candle with sweet notes of green aloe, clover, sweet hibiscus, pears, warm woods, honeysuckle, and musk.
  • Sea Spray Soy Candle: a light blue soy candle scented with almond milk, honey, salty seas, coconut, and rum.
  • Ivy's Tea: "Blow": a beautifully light tea made by Ivy's Tea; we love this blend as it's blue in color and pairs perfectly with this grounding, focused, powerful moon. Made with jasmine flowers, lemongrass, and butterfly pea flowers. Check out this tea blend in full here.
  • Indonesian Teakwood Wax Melt: a spring-time inspired woodsy, aromatic melt, scented in sultry notes of teakwood, sandalwood, mahogany, and earth musk. 
  • Sticker Sheet: drawn and designed by Rachel Tuba (@LeoRaTuba on Twitter) specially for this box!
  • Intention Setting Card: printed front and back, to help write down and guide your intention setting ritual. 
  • 10 March Madness Raffle Tickets! If you're not familiar with our raffle event, check out our Twitter page for more details. Every $10 you spend with us, you get a raffle ticket in your box. This box is coming with 10, which is equivalent to $100 in entries! At the end of March, we're drawing a winner for $100 cash and a $100 gift card to our store!

"Blow" Tea Contains: Jasmine flowers, Lemongrass, Butterfly pea flowers.

Sunrise Soap Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, colloidal oatmeal, sweet almond oil, canola oil, soybean oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, water, sodium hydroxide, mica colorants, fragrance oil.

Crystals: polished and finished with macadamia nut oil.

Other details to know:
All our products are made only days and weeks before they get to your door step, as we are a handcrafted, self-formulated, small batch brand. Variations in color and scent may occur because of the nature of our brand. 
For a full list of our frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ page.

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