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We know that, especially these days, the politics of a company really can impact how and where you shop. We want to make our stances super, crystal clear. 

Black Lives Matter.
We whole-heartedly stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. Black lives matter. We will always do what we can to stand up to white supremacy, systematic racism, and amplify black and indigenous voices. We stand proudly with our communities of color, and have been doing our best to find ways to contribute.

At the moment, we have supported the Ali Forney Center, an organization that helps homeless LGBTQ+ youth, and the Black Lives Matter chapter of Detroit (through the Allied Media Project). With both a national project and a local chapter project, we are proud to be part of a systemic change towards being a better world.

If you'd like to see us support a specific charity or nonprofit organization, whether financially or with a donation of products, please contact us at and we'd be happy to engage in a conversation about it.

LGBTQ+ issues are at our core. Marriage equality, and the freedom to love freely, are human rights.
As a very small brand, we have a small team, mostly consisting of myself, the owner, and my immediate family and some friends. Many of the faces behind this brand identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and that matters to us. Acceptance, visibility, employment opportunities, and encouragement are what we're constantly striving for in our brand. 

The Ali Forney Center (as we mentioned above) works hard in memory of Ali Forney, who was taken from this world too soon due to hate. We are super proud to stand with them, and we're unbelievably proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community. For us, it's not just the desire to be inclusive -- it's a necessity. 

Animals, and the planet as a whole, are worth protecting.
Behind the scenes of our brand are a small group of folks who love this planet with everything in us, which is why all of our values tie in together intersectionally with protecting our planet and its inhabitants. We have supported several animal rescue groups, such as the Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Rehome project and Angel Arms Senior Pet Refuge.

Ableism has no place in activism.
We are constantly striving to do better, and far too often, disabled communities are often left out of activism. We currently work with Great Strides, part of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, on their annual walk and by donating funds made through one of our charity candle's sales. Although CF is a personal issue for us due to a close friend, it shouldn't take knowing someone to care. We're always open to learning more and being better when it comes to each respective community under the disability umbrella. Let us know how we can do better and we're here for you.

As a whole, we're here for you. We want to help, and we are always open to dialogue surrounding various issues.
If a particular sect of activism will make or break your decision to shop with us, please feel free to ask. We will always be honest, up front, and firm in our beliefs. If anything above has prevented you from shopping with us, then we clearly aren't a good fit for you, and neither you for us. And we won't be upset about it. We stand firm in these beliefs and they aren't up for debate.

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