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Ivy's Tea "Blow" Sample
Ivy's Tea "Blow" Sample
Ivy's Tea "Blow" Sample

Ivy's Tea "Blow" Sample

$4.75 USD

Once a part of our March Moon Box, this tea sample is enough for a few cups of delicious Ivy's Tea. 

"Blow" is a beautifully light tea; we love this blend as it's blue in color and pairs perfectly with lemonade, gingersnap cookies, or a sweet soak in the bath. Made with jasmine flowers, lemongrass, and butterfly pea flowers. Check out this tea blend in full here.

This little jar is a sample of roughly 0.25 ounces.


A mild, earthy with a light sweetness, quite similar to a superior quality green tea. 


  • Supports mood improvement
  • Supports better brain function
  • Aphrodisiac particularly for women 


Jasmine Flowers, Lemongrass, and Butterfly Pea Flowers

Pairs Well With:

  • Lemonade
  • Brunch at home

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