Mini Teakwood Lotion

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This lotion is one that we've actually been testing for quite a while back here, and it has absolutely saved my hands this winter! Now that we're moving into warmer weather, these will fit great into your purse, backpack, or desk caddy, and have a secure flip-top lid for safe keeping! We make all of our lotions entirely from scratch, so there's just pure goodness in these lotions. Scented with the ever-popular Mahogany Teakwood, this is a great scent for those who like more universal fragrances. 

What to expect :
  • 2 oz (weight) 
  • Lightweight; best for normal to oily skin, but works great for all skin types
  • 6 mo. - 9 mo. shelf life

Grease-feel:  ★☆☆☆☆
Scent strength: ★★★★☆

Ingredients: almond oil, cocoa butter, stearic acid, emulsifying wax, vitamin E, water, preservative, fragrance oil

Other details to know:

All our products are made only days and weeks before they get to your door step, as we are a handcrafted, self-formulated, small batch brand. Variations in color and scent may occur because of the nature of our brand. 

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