Mini Vanilla Anise Bath Bomb

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This bright, warm, and inviting scent is a modern blend of vanilla, orchid, and star anise. The orchid forms the perfect counterpoint to the oak-wood and caramel-rich vanilla bourbon, spiced with star anise. I crafted this bath bomb out of the desire to find that true, rich black bath bomb experience, and I'm absolutely in love with the way the dark bath water looks after throwing this in the tub. This midnight-black bath bomb is sure to give you some sort of feeling.

Just drop this baby in your tub for a dark, vibrant black swirl of midnight skies. It'll fizz, foam, spin, and bleed beautiful colors into your bath water!

What to expect :

  • 3 oz bath bomb  
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • 1 mo. - 3 mo. shelf life

Scent strength: ★★★★★

sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, shea butter, kaolin, cream of tartar, polysorbate-80, sunflower oil, fragrance, alcohol, water, FDA approved colorants

Other details to know:
All our products are made only days and weeks before they get to your door step, as we are a handcrafted, self-formulated, small batch brand. Variations in color and scent may occur because of the nature of our brand. 

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