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Are your products vegan?

Yes! I do not use any milks, fats, honey, eggs, silk, or any other animal products in my creations.

How long does processing/shipping take?

It never takes me any more than six (6) days to get your box all packaged together, and then once I drop it off at the post office it'll take another 2-5 days for any address in the United States or roughly a week to two weeks for Canadian/international orders. If there's any delays in your order, I'll be sure to email you and give you an updated processing length pertaining to your order. Delays don't happen often, so you should get your package within at least two weeks of ordering 99% of the time!

When will _____ be available?!

Soap takes three to four weeks from the day I make it to the day it's in the shop-- meaning, whenever you see me post a picture on any social media account of it being made in the mold, add about a month onto that and that's when you'll be able to find it on the store! If you want real time updates as to when I stock my store, make sure to be following me on Twitter (@tarabusicreek). 
Check back soon for an updated page where I'll show my batches in progress, and an estimated time frame of when they'll be available!

I have really dry, sensitive skin-- will your products be gentle enough for me?

Keeping in mind that everyone's skin is different, I can almost guarantee that my products should be gentle enough for your sensitive skin. I design each product to fit different skin types, and you can usually tell based on my description in each product which skin type it works best for. I.e., if you have very delicate skin, I wouldn't choose the coffee scrub! Likewise, if you have very dry skin, stay away from clay bars, but look out for bars with walnut, avocado, and other luxury oils. 

Are you looking for promoters?

I will always make it readily available for anyone wondering if I'm looking for promoters. If you don't see me looking for them, the answer is "no." If you are looking to become one, please be aware that I do not send my current promoters anything for free, either. I will provide you with a discount code to use at your own leisure with the expectation that you will post about your purchases more than the average consumer in exchange for this discount code.

Can you sponsor me? / Can you send me your products so I can review them? / Wanna send me items so I can do a giveaway? / Basically, can I have anything for free?

I do not send product for free under any circumstance. I am willing to work with you on a discount code if you'd like to purchase your own items for this giveaway/review/sponsorship (whatever that means), but I put a lot of hard work into my products and deserve to be compensated for at least the cost it took to produce them, plus my labor. Please, respect the hard work I put in as an artist and refrain from asking me these questions, if possible. 

Omg I gave you the wrong address! What can I do about this?!

Email me either through the Contact page here on this website, or send me an email at As long as I have not sent your package out, I should be able to change your address without an issue. However, if it's already left my possession and is en route to that incorrect address, I can't really do much about that. If it's sent back to me, I'm going to ask you to pay for shipping once again to the correct address. I will only refund your order if it gets sent back to me and I have received my product again, and you decide you do not want it, but I won't reimburse you for the original shipping charge.

If the package is entirely lost to the universe, I am going to ask you to please file a claim with USPS. It will help you get your money back, and tells me that you're being genuine with the fact that your package is truly lost. As long as we've discussed it, I will normally issue a replacement package within two weeks. This timeline may change depending on the items available-- unfortunately, because of our small batch process, some of your original items may no longer be available for replacement if your package gets lost, but I will do the best I can to get you what you paid for. However, please realize that by sending two packages, I am taking money out of my pocket to resolve the situation.

What's your refund/return policy?

I will refund your order when:

- You receive damaged or defective product, with picture proof, within 48 hours of you receiving your package. 

I will not refund your order in the case of:

- Disliking a product

- Allergic reactions (however please let me know if something does cause a reaction, I will respond to these on a case by case basis)

- Incorrect shipping address (if I get it sent back to me in a timely manner I will refund the order, but not the shipping-- see above)

However, please feel free to ask me if there's an issue with your order-- your happiness is my goal, and I will do everything in my power to help you out!

If you have any other questions, send me an email, tweet at me, or direct message me  and  I will answer you as fast as I can!

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