3 Things to Stop Doing for Healthier Skin

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3 Things to Stop Doing for Healthier Skin

By: Nicole Pyles

Nicole Pyles is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest. She currently works as a Blog Tour Manager for WOW! Women on Writing. Her writing has been featured in WOW! Women on Writing, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Voices Project, and Restless Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @BeingTheWriter.

There are some habits we all may be guilty of doing that is terrible for our skin. In fact, you may be guilty of these habits as you read this article. What you may not realize is that some habits we take with us day in and day out do damage to the most obvious organ on our body - our skin. So, keep these three "don'ts" in mind and you may start seeing a healthier, clearer you staring back in the mirror.

1) Stop touching your face.

You're doing it now, aren't you? If you aren't, good for you. If you are, put your hands down now. Touching your face exposes your skin to all sorts of germs and bacteria that are terrible for your skin. Not to mention how often many of us touch our eyes – one of the most sensitive skin areas on our face - whether it's scratching due to allergies, applying makeup or when putting in contacts. Like all bad habits, it can be tough habit to break, but being conscious of it is half of the battle. So, loop in a family member or close friend to help you and have them call you out when you start touching your face.

2) Going to bed with your makeup on.

We've all been there. Tired and exhausted from the day, we crawl into bed and take with us a day (and night) full of makeup on our face. Unfortunately, this habit is terrible for your skin. If you are far too exhausted at the end of the day to have a nightly face washing ritual, at the very least purchase some makeup wipes to get rid of the day's germs and makeup.

3) Using expired makeup and skincare products.

While some products have very little negative impact on our skin, some products such as foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer lose their effectiveness and may gather bacteria after their expiration date. So, give your face a break and toss out expired makeup and skincare products. If you aren't certain when something expires, look for obvious signs such as signs of mold or change in color or smell.

These are habits you can start on today and luckily, they won't break the bank. Most of all, your skin will thank you (oh, and stop touching your face).

Nicole is a writer and blogger living in the Pacific Northwest. You can read more of her work by visiting her writing portfolio or her book and writing blog The World of My Imagination.

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