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Spring calls for cleaning and decluttering. Common areas include your closet, makeup/skin care, and jewelry- but there are five areas that often get overlooked. These spaces, although not often remembered, need to be cleaned out just as frequently. Decluttering all aspects of your life can help improve focus, motivation, and overall mental health. 

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Spring is finally here! That means that flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping, April showers are on the way, and most of all, we've begun our spring cleaning. Whether your process involves getting rid of unnecessary junk, putting away winter clothes, or refreshing the dust off our cabinets, don’t forget to dust off and declutter your mind. Today, in honor of all those dust brushes and polishes coming out of hiding, we have three big ways you can spring clean your home and your mind.

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Commercial suppliers may finally be shifting towards developing vegan cleaning products, but it’s still very much a niche market. Until these companies are able to cheaply produce and distribute their vegan alternatives, the products will continue to be outside of some people’s price range.

But like the old saying goes: where there is a will, there is a way! Fortunately, there is a wide selection of foods found in your average grocery store that can double as vegan cleaning agents. And they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to obtain!

Here are four foods that can double as vegan, guilt-free cleaning agents.

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Is the rain bringing you down this spring? If the expression, "April showers, brings May flowers," isn't helping, consider these 5 ways you can enjoy the rain this April. Put on your rain boots and weather-proof jackets, everyone, and get ready to splash in a puddle or two.

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As the New Year looms, many of us are considering resolutions for the new year. It goes without saying that many resolutions fail, but according to a recent study, people who make a New Year's Resolution are far more likely to change their ways than those who say they want to change, but don't make a resolution at all.

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