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The world is, unfortunately, full of distractions and things to steal our focus. Between my phone, Netflix, and putting a dent in my reason list, I find it hard to achieve everything I need to over a day. One of my resolutions for 2020 is to become more productive. There are several ways to approach this goal, but I’ve found, so far, that using various apps are helping me stay on track. Here are three of my favorite! 

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January shouldn’t just be the time that you resolve to get your health and finances in order, it’s also the perfect time to commit to better skincare. Now, you may be thinking, “I moisturize, what more do you want from me?” The answer? A ton! Whether you’re a glammed-out beauty, a gorgeous natural, or someone who lands in between, the foundation of every look is healthy skin. Given all of the harsh elements we face daily, we could all be going more to take care of ourselves. Here are 5 skin care resolutions you should make this January.

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Wintertime can force even the most outdoorsy, adventurous type indoors. Not everyone can handle the snow and cold wind. Instead of being able to enjoy the great outdoors, it can make you feel moody and lethargic. If you can't fathom staying inside until spring, then read our guide about how to brave the winter and get some fresh air.

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The holiday season is in full swing, so the next few weeks will be filled with more sweets than we know what to do with. Navigating this saccharine landscape as a vegan can be a bit tricky, though. We want to indulge in the traditional desserts that we ate growing up, but the ingredients just don’t align with our core values anymore.

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Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re not vegan (but have vegan friends), you might be stressed about finding gifts that fit within our lifestyle, but don’t be! We've compiled a few gift ideas sure to delight any vegan!

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