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Often, decorating where we’re living can feel like an unnecessary luxury. It can be expensive and time consuming. Sometimes we’re not even sure how long we are going to be staying and it can seem pointless. For the less aesthetically focused of us, it just feels overwhelming even working out where to start. However, taking time to make your living space comfortable and homely is an important act of self-care.

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Now that we're about two months into the year, it's time to kind of reflect on the goals, ideas, and energies you put forth at the beginning of the year. Are those goals still realistic? Have you put in enough time, focus, and patience towards those goals? Remind yourself of what those goals are, and make it a point to stick with them throughout the spring-time period! Often, our goals to lose weight, drink more water, make more money, what-have-you, become a bit more realistic to accomplish as the months start warming up-- so take this time to really focus...

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