March Resolutions!

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March Resolutions!

Now that we're about two months into the year, it's time to kind of reflect on the goals, ideas, and energies you put forth at the beginning of the year. Are those goals still realistic? Have you put in enough time, focus, and patience towards those goals? Remind yourself of what those goals are, and make it a point to stick with them throughout the spring-time period! Often, our goals to lose weight, drink more water, make more money, what-have-you, become a bit more realistic to accomplish as the months start warming up-- so take this time to really focus on what you wanted at the beginning of the year, and how that compares to what you want now.

New Year's Resolutions are tricky. Everyone's always making the goal to "lose weight" or "be more productive" or "workout more." What those goals don't include, though, are ways to actually achieve them. What I learned throughout 2017, in my took-off-right-out-from-under-me business here at Tarabusi Creek, is that you need to plant your goals with roots of action. 

  • When do I want to accomplish x, y, or z by?
  • What steps am I going to take to get there?
  • How am I going to achieve these goals in a week-by-week, day-by-day basis?

When I started this year, I made a ton of goals for myself, because I know that not all of them are measurable, they won't take the same amount of time, and will probably happen during different times of the year. What were my goals for 2018, you ask? Let me tell you! 

  1. Wake up every morning and get out of bed by 8 o'clock, even on weekends. (This has been mildly successful so far! Still working on getting that routine down!)
  2. Hit a sales goal of $40,000 for the year, by December 31st. And I've broken this one down into monthly goals, too! My monthly goals actually total to be $50,000, as I've revised them earlier this week from how January & February have gone!
  3. Drink 64 oz of water a day. I was gifted this great 32 oz water bottle with markings on the sides from my sister for Christmas, and the bottle comes with a nice chewy-straw thing to drink from, which makes getting my water intake REALLY easy! I highly recommend this waterbottle-- it's the same one I have, and they're really great!
  4. Keep up to date on all of my homework, assignments, and textbook readings for class. To achieve this, I've dedicated at least two nights a week to studying at the library for at least two hours each. Going to the library has been a really fantastic way to stay up to date on my school work. On top of my business, I'm also a full time accounting student at the University of Michigan - Dearborn, and I need to just freakin' graduate already!
  5. Get down to my goal weight of 115 pounds. I started the year out at my heaviest weight, of 142 pounds, and it's a bit much on my mental health, my wallet (clothes-wise), and my physical health. I'm just above five-feet zero-inches tall, and I felt much healthier at my goal weight from back in high school. To do this, I've been much better about cleaning up my diet, and am already down to 128 pounds! Eating is 70% of losing weight-- I don't even exercise and have lost 14 pounds already! (But I need to exercise, too.)
  6. Grow my savings account by another 100% by June. This is something that I've really come to struggle with, as I haven't saved much this year, but thankfully we're moving out of the slow winter period into a more economically stimulating time of the year!

These are just some of the goals I set this year. As you can see, they're goals that aren't going to happen overnight, especially if they're lifestyle-change goals. I'm working on revising these as I go throughout the year. Setting small goals for yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis really helps-- I set a goal of losing 2 pounds each month, and have already gone well past that! By measuring your progress, it makes the tasks seem so much more worthwhile. 

What are your goals for this year? Have you stuck with any of your New Years Resolutions? Drop your comments down below!


  • Katie

    You have great resolutions, good luck! Don’t overwhelm yourself with them though-remember, life isn’t perfect, and neither is the journey. Let yourself breathe, rest assured little longer, have fun, eat that slice of cake. And by the looks of all of the happy customers, we can fill up your wallet hehe.

  • Nikki Epperson

    You have great goals. One of my goals was to start taking better care of my skin and I’ve definitely started heading in the right direction. I am working towards eating better because I need to get some of this weight off!

  • Alina Mahmud

    I had many goals this year, one of them being getting into college (which I achieved!) and having to hit the gym this year since this is my last semester in Cross Country and I do not want to break off from it. And being closer to God which I feel has been very successful so far. And lastly being kind and humble to people, no matter how much you dislike them.

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