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  • How to Survive College as a Vegan

    Stephanie Tuba

    Posted on October 15 2018

    How to Survive College as a Vegan
    College is all about trying new things and expanding your horizons, which makes it a great time to go vegan! Or, maybe you’ve already been a vegan for a while, but are worried about maintaining that lifestyle in college. These fears are incredibly valid, as sometimes it can be difficult to find affordable vegan options near you (and, let’s face it – if you’re a college student, you’re definitely on the lookout for something affordable!). Take advantage of these tips to help you stick to get the most out of college without compromising your veganism!
  • A Guide to Vegan Cheese

    Stephanie Tuba

    Posted on October 01 2018

    A Guide to Vegan Cheese

    By: Sawyer Cecena

    Who doesn’t love cheese?! It’s gooey, it’s creamy, and it goes with just about anything from sandwiches to potato products, and everything in between. So, if you’re totally missing cheese after a break-up with dairy, we understand! Luckily, there are some awesome alternatives out there that give you that same delectable, cheesy taste you love while still being 100% vegan!

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