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  • 5 Fun Ways to Drink More Water

    Stephanie Tuba

    Posted on July 15 2018

    5 Fun Ways to Drink More Water
    Whether you’re a beach bunny or prefer to stay inside, everyone needs to stay hydrated during the summer. Studies have shown that not drinking enough water can cause dry skin, loss of energy, headaches, dizziness, low blood pressure, and even seizures . But many people struggle to drink the recommended 68 ounces a day. Plus, it can be tempting to skip a glass of water for something sweet like an iced coffee or smoothie.

    If your hydration habits need some help, here are five fun tips to help you out.

  • Coming Clean About Activated Charcoal

    Stephanie Tuba

    Posted on June 17 2018

    Coming Clean About Activated Charcoal
    Over the past several years, the use of activated charcoal has become quite the trend in the beauty community. Well recognized beauty gurus such as BeautyByJosieK, Ladylike, and Ela Gale have helped popularize the use of activated charcoal in DIY creations of face masks, teeth whitening serum, and eyeliner on their YouTube channels. Even Tarabusi Creek has followed the trend with the Paradise and White Tea soaps and the Phoenix scrub, all of which contain some percentage of activated charcoal. So, what exactly is activated charcoal, and why is it so popular?!

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