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  • Buyer Etiquette: Purchasing from Small Businesses on Social Media

    Stephanie Tuba

    Posted on November 21 2018

    Buyer Etiquette: Purchasing from Small Businesses on Social Media

    In 2018, many creators, regardless of their medium, opt to sell on social media as opposed to selling in stores, at festivals, or on online shops. Social media selling allows creators to keep all their profit as well as promote themselves on a far-reaching platform.

    But another aspect of social media selling—and arguably the most obvious aspect—is the direct and almost constant interaction with customers. While most sellers love interacting with their supporters, there are certainly downsides to this type of direct engagement.

  • How to Make a House a Home

    Stephanie Tuba

    Posted on October 22 2018

    How to Make a House a Home
    Often, decorating where we’re living can feel like an unnecessary luxury. It can be expensive and time consuming. Sometimes we’re not even sure how long we are going to be staying and it can seem pointless. For the less aesthetically focused of us, it just feels overwhelming even working out where to start. However, taking time to make your living space comfortable and homely is an important act of self-care.
  • March Resolutions!

    Stephanie Tuba

    Posted on March 05 2018

    March Resolutions!
    Now that we're about two months into the year, it's time to kind of reflect on the goal...

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