How to Brave the Cold and Get Fresh Air this Winter

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How to Brave the Cold and Get Fresh Air this Winter

By: Alia Savage

Wintertime can force even the most outdoorsy, adventurous type indoors. Not everyone can handle the snow and cold wind. Instead of being able to enjoy the great outdoors, it can make you feel moody and lethargic. If you can't fathom staying inside until spring, then read our guide about how to brave the winter and get some fresh air.

Layer Up
First thing's first: you need to figure out how to stay warm. Frigid temps aren't just uncomfortable, they also create the perfect conditions for viruses to thrive. Wearing multiple layers is the easiest way to keep your body temperature at a healthy level. Plus, if you get too hot, you can just strip yourself of a couple of the layers or unzip your jacket a little. 

Stay Out of the Shade 
Areas that get exposed to direct sunlight are usually several degrees warmer than the shade. Given that the sun is the earth's natural heat source, standing in its light is a great way to stay warm this winter. Just make sure that you wear sunscreen because sunburns aren't just for summer! 

Stay Moving
Standing idle for too long can make you feel colder than it is. But if you keep moving, you'll keep your blood pumping, which will make you feel warmer. Plus, if your mind is on whatever activity you're doing, you won't be able to focus (as much) on the fact that you're cold. 

Partake in Some Winter Activities 
I don't know about anyone else, but there's something about winter activities that trick my mind into making me believe I'm not cold.  Like when I'm having a snowball fight with my family or when I go out of town to go skiing. Sure, it's cold. But it doesn't bother me. If that's also been your experience, then you should consider spending time doing winter activities, which will help keep your mind off of the cold. 

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any tips on how to not be cooped up this winter, leave us a message below!

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