4 Basic Skincare Tips for Men

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4 Basic Skincare Tips for Men

By: Sawyer Cecena

Fellas, this one’s for us! Of course, we want flawless faces. However, it can be difficult to know what the heck to do or buy, especially when most skincare products are loaded with strong fragrances and products we can’t even begin to pronounce! But, don’t give up just yet. Here are four simple steps that any dude can take on the track to super, sexy skin!

Shape Up Your Shaving Technique
If you frequently experience ingrown hairs or razor burn after a shave, the way you shave may be the culprit. First things first, scope out your shaving gear. Try replacing your usual cream with one that has added moisture and upgrading to a single or double blade razor. Then, take a look at your technique. Remember to always get your skin nice and wet before a shave to soften up your hairs, and don’t forget to rinse and replace your blade regularly!

Track Down Your Skin Type
Surprisingly, not all skin is the same! Knowing your skin “type” will make it so much easier to find a product that works for you – regardless of gender. Here’s a basic rundown of the typical skin types. Oily skin is greasy and shiny, while dry skin can flake, itch, or have rough dry patches. A little bit of both means you’re a combination skin type. Also, if your skin tends to sting a little after a wash, you may want to look for products labeled “sensitive skin.” If not, then stick to the normal products.

Come Through for A Proper Cleanser
Washing your face with ordinary bar soap may seem like the simplest and cheapest option out there. But, unless you’re going for that dry, rough look (which, you shouldn’t be!), save the Dove for your armpits! The sensitive skin on our face can’t handle the harsh chemicals in commercial bar soap, which can lead to dehydration. Instead, invest in a cleanser that’s actually made for your face. Not sure what you’re looking for? Reference back to your skin type! Oily and acne-prone skin does best with oil free products, where as dry skin needs something with extra moisture. Look for cleansers without fragrance if you’re on the sensitive side.

Actually Wash Your Freaking Face
It turns out, the number one secret to skincare shouldn’t really be secret at all. Of course, all those products and cleansers will be totally useless if you don’t… you know, use them! And no, I don’t mean use them once the night before your hot date on Saturday. I mean use them daily – or, every other day at least. For all you guys that are athletes or beauticians, it is especially important to give your face a good scrub after wearing makeup, working out, or partaking in any other sweat inducing activity. For the best results, wash your face with warm (not hot!) water.

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