4 Tips for Kissable Lips -- Even in Winter!

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4 Tips for Kissable Lips -- Even in Winter!

By: Sawyer Cecena

There are so many things to love about the winter season – from amazing food to beautiful snowfalls to spending time with family and friends. But, one thing we can all agree we’d rather do without this winter are the dry, cracked lips that often come with it! Although this can be a problem any time of year, the risk for irritation increases with the onset of cold, windy air. So, if you’re looking to perfect your pout before that kiss under the mistletoe, check out these tips for breaking the chapped lips curse.

Pick the Right Lip Balm
Sorry Katy, but that cherry Chapstick could be what’s killing your kisser. Flavored lip balms like cherry, peppermint, or piña colada may taste great. But they also contain additives that can aggravate super-sensitive lip skin. For best results, switch to an unflavored product containing petroleum, glycerin, or mineral oil. You can also raid your kitchen for some olive or coconut oil to use in a pinch. Apply a liberal amount any time you feel your lips getting dry, sore, or can see a new crack starting to form. It’s extra important to put some on right before bed, as sleeping with your mouth open can dry it out.

Scrub with Caution
Lip scrubs are a tricky topic to work with when it comes to lip care. On one hand, the occasional scrub can be beneficial for removing a layer of dead skin that’s preventing your lips from reaching their full, soft potential. On the other hand, over scrubbing or scrubbing at lips that are already cracked will only make the matter worse. If you choose to try a scrub, search for one with natural, calming elements that won’t further irritate the skin, and consider it an occasional treat. Avoid anything with camphor, eucalyptus, or menthol. 

Watch What You Eat (and Drink!)
I know a cold glass of water sounds horrible in low temperatures. However, dehydration is one of the leading causes of chapped lips all year around. So, one of the best ways to beat your busted lips is to suck it up and keep sucking down the recommended amount of water each day. Spicy foods may also be a contributing factor to lip irritation. If you’ve been hitting up one too many Taco Tuesdays, consider taking a break until your lips are less sensitive.

Nix these Bad Habits
Are you a picker? What about a lip licker? Although these may seem like they could potentially be helpful in cleaning up dry, flaky lips, they’re causing you way more harm than good. Peeling skin off your lips is like peeling a scab off a cut – it’s only going to make them bleed and further irritate the area when it’s trying to heal. And regardless of how it feels, human saliva doesn’t have any hydrating properties to help keep your lips moist. In fact, saliva is more likely to dry your lips out even further! Rather than resorting to picking or licking when you feel your lips getting grimy, the best approach is to just follow one of these other tips above!

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