6 Affordable Acts of Self Care

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6 Affordable Acts of Self Care

By: Genevieve Glynn-Reeves

Self-care is important. We live in an extremely fast-paced society where it feels like as soon as you’ve achieved one goal, five more appear in its wake. Acts of self-love are a great remedy to this but not everyone has the disposable cash to blow on a holiday to Bali or enough LUSH bath bombs to saturate the Atlantic. Some of us need more basic habits that won’t break the bank. Here are a few ideas.

1. Read THAT book.
You know the one I mean. You’re thinking about it now. It’s been sitting on your shelf for months, maybe even years. You keep meaning to read it but you never have time. There always seems to be something more important to do. Well, right now there is nothing more important to do. Take an hour, or even more, just to sit and read.

2. Tidy your bedroom.
This one might feel like a bit of a chore, but will seriously alter your state of mind. Being surrounded by mess is incredibly conducive to stress, not only practically, but mentally. Not only will you not be able to find your other shoe, the clutter makes you feel like far more of a mess than you actually are. Put on a podcast or some music to keep you entertained while you work and get sorting.

3. Get an early night.
We all know how important this is, but it rarely stops us from clicking play on that next Netflix episode. Choose a time you’d like to get to sleep by, make sure you stop staring at screens at least an hour before this time. No last cheeky look at Instagram before bed, lest you be caught up in an eternal scrolling session.

4. Indulge in a hobby you usually don’t have time for.
We’ve all got a pass-time we love, but just don’t have time for. It could be anything from sketching to juggling fire. Whatever floats your boat. No judgment here. Work out a couple of hours this week that you can dedicate to this hobby. Treat this time like a proper appointment and don’t let anything else eat that time up.

5. Unplug for a day.
This is my personal favorite. Choose a day where you set yourself to airplane mode. No calls, no texts, no internet. The toxicity of social media is infamous so taking a break from its influence will be refreshing. However, the best bit of this day is that nobody can bother you. You don’t have to reply to any boring emails or nagging texts.

6. Do a social media cleanse.
As mentioned social media can have a terrible effect on our mental health. It’s bizarre how much negativity we let into our lives through it. Sit down with your phone and scroll through your feeds deleting anyone or anything that makes you feel crap. You are not obliged to keep updated about that person who always seems one step ahead career-wise. No one will care if you don’t double tap that Instagram model who makes you feel insecure.

These are just a few ways to get a little extra self-care in for practically free. And, truthfully, we should be partaking in these far more often than we allow ourselves. What is your definition of self-care, and what are your favorite ways to make sure you're taken care of?

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