7 Steps to Feeling a Bit Better Everyday

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7 Steps to Feeling a Bit Better Everyday

By: Brooke Creech

Every now and then we need to take a minute for ourselves, whether that’s taking 30 minutes to color every night, get your work out in, or just dissolve yourself into a television show. Many of us need to practice a little bit more self care, and put a little more thought into our day. Below is a list of 7 things I like to do to make sure that I’m always feeling like the best I can be.

Be confident.

  • If you’re confident in who you are, you’ll definitely feel the best that you can be. If you strut your stuff in the halls or proudly wear that baseball cap with green hair, I guarantee your whole day will feel much different. If there's one thing from being on this earth, it’s that you’re stuck with what you have, and that it's often easier to just embrace it.

Wear comfortable clothes.

  • So, I’m not trying to tell you that you should only wear comfortable clothes to an interview or sweats to the office. But, if you have a choice, you should be comfortable most of the time rather than always fidgeting in your seat. If you feel like just wearing sweats and a hoodie to school that day, then do it. Most of the time flats are okay, rather than heels anyway.

Wear makeup sometimes.

  • If I’m ever having a “ugh” day or a day where I just want to feel extra wonderful, I always throw some makeup on my face (figuratively, of course). Some mascara and eyeliner always does wonders for my confidence; especially if I’m having a not-so-good hair day.

Know that you can’t always control everything.

  • I learned this one awhile back, but it definitely has been one of the most valuable. If ever there comes a day where you spill coffee on yourself, it starts suddenly pouring down rain while you are walking on campus, or you just seem extra clumsy that day, accept this and just move on because there isn’t much you can do. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

Be aware of the golden rule.

  • When I say the golden rule I’m talking about the one that says, “Always treat people like you want to be treated.” I’ve learned this one on several occasions when I’ve had to deal with rude customers or bullies at school. There isn’t usually too much you can do about these situations except that you should just asses the situation and then kill them with kindness. You never know what is going on in someone else’s life, so I always try to be as positive as possible.

Not many people are worth crying over.

  • That guy you just went on one date with but then come to find out he decided to date someone else? Nope. The best friend who supposedly had your back but then told the entire school that you still sleep with a stuffed animal? Not them either. If these people truly cared about you, they wouldn’t act in a way that would make you want to cry. So think twice the next time you start to tear up about some crazy boy that ghosted you and now won’t text you back.

Love yourself.

  • This is, absolutely, the most important ingredient. Loving yourself is the key to feeling certain in life. Who cares if you have five pimples, a fat roll on your stomach, or have different sized feet? I sure don’t. I’ll love you for exactly who you are and you should too. Being in love with who you are and who you’re meant to be will make it that much easier when trying to start a life with someone else, just make sure that they know that they should love themselves too.

That’s it! Through these 7 steps, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and others, and I think you will too. Write any other tips you guys might have to being the absolute best you can be in the comments. I’d love to learn more about how you unwind and participate in #SelfCare!

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