Four Things Your Skin Might be Trying to Tell You

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Four Things Your Skin Might be Trying to Tell You

By: Alia Savage

Skin is one of your most important organs. Not only does it protect you from dangerous viruses and pathogens, it also forms a protective, comforting layer around your body structures. Your skin can also be a barometer to how healthy your body is. And if you pay attention to the changes, you can take a more proactive stance in your pursuit of optimal health! 

Keep reading for a few things that your skin might be trying to tell you. 

Dry Skin
Dry skin could just be a result of your environment. Unfortunately, it could also mean that you’re suffering from diabetes or another autoimmune disorder. The best way to rule out a medical issue is to up your moisturizing routine. There are some skin issues that not even the thickest moisturizer can fix, so if that doesn’t help, you should probably see a doctor. 

Painful Breakouts
It's a common belief that only teenagers deal with acne. But that's not true! Adults can and do experience breakouts for a variety of reasons. 

But if it’s been months or years since your last flare-up (and you haven’t started any new medications or skincare products), you can probably assume that you’re under stress. If your breakouts are localized near the bottom half of your face, especially your cheeks, then you might be suffering from polycystic-ovarian syndrome (a hormone-related illness in women). Of course, it could mean nothing at all. But if you have concerns, then you might want to get a professional opinion. 

Dark Under-Eye Circles
Most people attribute dark circles to a lack of sleep, but that isn’t the only culprit. They can also signal certain ailments, like poor circulation, thyroid disorders and even allergies. 

Weird Rashes
Our world is full of irritants, so it’s normal to get rashes from time to time. But some rashes demand special attention. One such rash is called the butterfly rash. Despite the whimsical name, a butterfly rash, which appears over a person’s nose and cheeks is usually a sign of lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. Unlike some of the other skin disorders on this list, butterfly rashes are pretty much unique to lupus and three other diseases (pellagra, dermatomyositis, and Bloom syndrome).

These are just a few common skin conditions that could signal that something is off with your body. By the way, this list isn’t meant to be exhaustive. It’s just meant to serve as a reminder that the appearance of our skin is influenced by our internal health. So, if something seems off, you might need to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

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