How to Get the Most Out of Your Skin Care Routine

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Skin Care Routine

By: Laurel Dillon

Have you ever been frustrated that your skincare products aren’t working as effectively as they advertised or as you had hoped? While this may be a sign that a product isn’t for you, it could also just be a sign that the way you are using it isn’t allowing your skin to reap the full benefits of it! So let’s talk about how to get those benefits maximized!

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and while this has helped me personally- everyone’s skin is different- so it may not work for you! Please reach out to your doctor or dermatologist if you continue to struggle!)

This is my regular routine:
Remove any makeup from your face: This allows you to start with an already mostly clean face, which will also allow your face wash ingredients to work better.
Wash your face: It is important to start with washing your face to clean the surface level dirt off of it so that anything you follow with can actually reach your skin to benefit it.
Pat dry: This step seems obvious, but if you don’t pat your face dry, you risk tearing pores and allowing bacteria in.
Tone: Optional, but I like to use a mild toner (mostly for oil control purposes) but it’s totally personal if you want to use it or not.
Facial Oil: I like to use a facial oil (especially in the winter months!) to give my skin a little extra help! I use rosehip seed oil because it is also supposed to help with acne scarring.
Moisturizer: This is absolutely critical! Moisturizing your face post-wash is absolutely necessary. When you wash your face, you are stripping it of not only the bad oils and bacteria, but the good ones, too! Replacing those good oils is crucial.
Acne treatment: If you have any problem areas, this is the time to put on a spot treatment of your choice. You don’t want to risk over drying the surrounding area or inflaming the spot itself.

And these are some extras, to use throughout the week:
Face mask: Apply your mask after you’ve removed your makeup and washed your face. This is similar to why you remove your makeup before you wash your face, because if you apply a mask to an unclean face, it acts as more of a face wash during removal and prevents the ingredients of the mask to actually reach your pores.
Exfoliate: I exfoliate after washing my face so that it gives a really deep clean, but if you have dry skin, exfoliating can substitute for your regular wash! I try to use gentle, circular motions to ensure I am not tearing the skin, but truly just removing dead skin and therefore allowing any following measures to fully benefit my skin.

I hope that this article has helped in some way with figuring out a skincare routine that is right for you! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them! I’m always looking for ways to improve my own skincare routine.

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