How to Rejuvenate your Hair After a Long Winter

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How to Rejuvenate your Hair After a Long Winter

Winter’s harsh, dry air might have sapped the life and moisture from your hair but now it’s time to rejuvenate it! Here’s how to do it.

Get A Trim
Dry hair is usually chock full of split ends. Not only are they unsightly, but they are also hard to style, and an all-around headache. And while there are plenty of products on the market which claim to reseal split ends, you should know that the only permanent fix is to cut them off.  

Invest In A Deep Conditioning Treatment
Even though your trimmed hair may feel better than before, it still needs extra help to get it back to the way it was before Winter. The next step is to pamper it with a deep conditioning treatment.

Deep conditioners are heavier than standard conditioners and will infuse your hair with extra moisture. Because you don’t want to weigh down your hair too much, you should reserve using deep conditioners to once or twice a month.

Prioritize Moisture
Congratulations! You’ve dropped the dead weight and given your locks a little TLC, but you can’t stop now.

Deep conditioners will take you a long way but they can’t be responsible for doing all of the heavy lifting.

You should make sure to regularly moisturize your hair between washes, especially if you use heat regularly. This can include using regular conditioner after every wash and a light leave-in hair cream every few days.

If you get in the habit of keeping your hair hydrated, it’ll be better prepared to handle less-than-ideal conditions when Winter swings back around.

These are just a few ways to give your Winter-damaged hair a helping hand this Spring. Like these tips? Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think!

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