It's Nap Time!

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It's Nap Time!

By: Sawyer Cecena

We all know that taking a nap is the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of work or school. Some studies suggest that a 20-30-minute snooze during the day will actually give you more of an energy boost than two mugs of coffee! Plus, napping helps us avoid that “energy crash” that comes from loading up on too much caffeine or sugar throughout the day. But, recent research has shown that taking daily naps comes with even more benefits than we once believed.

Sleep is our body’s way of recovering from everything we put it through from day to day. So, when we don’t get enough sleep at night, our bodies seriously suffer for it. Sleep deprivation can increase stress, weaken our immune systems, kill our libidos, and even make us gain weight. That’s where balancing everything out with a nap comes in handy! Even if you are struggling to sleep at night, taking a regular nap can help reverse the results of sleep deprivation - which means low stress, a strong immune system, a healthy libido, and weight loss.

Regular naps can also do wonders for our moods. If you’ve been feeling particularly anxious, irritated, distracted or depressed, carving out the time each day to take a nap can help get your serotonin levels where they should be. Feeling forgetful? Regular naps improve our memory and prevent an information overload. If you’re totally stumped on what to write about for your English final or can’t find the time to finish that DIY project you started forever ago, a quick nap can also help organize your thoughts and get those creative juices flowing. Just remember to keep your naps to 20-30 minutes maximum, as any longer could actually have the opposite effect!

So, next time you feel like you need an energy or mood boost, skip the Starbucks and grab your favorite pajamas instead. But before you do, let us know how you feel about adding regular naps into your routine! Do you think they’ll benefit you in any way? Do they seem like a huge waste of time? Drop your comments below!


  • Katie

    Well written message on something so simple but so important. (Plus, I love the picture you used- makes this article 10x better hehe!)

  • Carisa Marie

    I love this article! I seriously need my naps Specially having 7 year old twins it totally takes a toll on me. Currently they are on summer break and I’m a stay at home mom atm. So naps are sooo needed. It’s such a stress relief! Great article loved it!

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